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Complete and Partial Dentures (Featuring Ivocap BPS Dentures)

  • Implant Retained Overdentures
  • Precision Partials
  • Valplast, Flexite partials
  • Implant Placement Stents
  • Transitional Appliances
  • Nightguards
  • Implant Substructures


E-mail for price list

  Complete Upper or Lower Ivocap® Denture
  Complete Upper or Lower Ivocap® Reline
  Complete Upper or Lower Ivocap® Rematerial
  Set, Process, Finish Ivocap® Overdenture
  Set, Process, Finish Hybrid Overdenture
  Process Acrylic/Partial Denture/1-3 Teeth
    Additional Tooth
  Ivocap® TMJ Positioner
  ImPac® Nightguard / Bruxism Appliance
  Valplast®/Flexite® Partial 1-4 Teeth
    Additional Tooth
  “Blend-In” Acetal Resin Clasp
  Cast Wironium® Partial Framework
  Cast Premium Vitallium® Framework per Unit
  Laser Weld
  Add Tooth to Partial (minimum)
  Implant Placement Stent – Full Denture
  Custom Denture Base Shade
Laboratory Labor Billed @ $100.00 per Hour
Prices Subject to Change – Call for Case Estimates


  © 2004 Steve Geib