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Welcome to the Home Page of DENTAL PROSTHETIC SOLUTIONS. You are visitor number to my site. It is devoted, primarily, to the Dentists who are kind enough to utilize my talents and services for supplying their patients with what I humbly think are some very fine removable dental appliances.

I try my best to keep up “digitally”, in order to always be capable of maximizing communication with my clients - wherever they happen to be . . . I therefore embrace work from anywhere in these great United States. . . If this is your first visit, Please Browse around my site. You can read “About Me”, check out the Slideshows, even peruse my price list, and you should have a real good feel as to whether your practice would benefit from my services. If I can be of help on one case a year, or one case a day, please fill out the “New Client” form, and I will send you a starter package of information, prescriptions (you can also download a printable PDF version on-site), and packaging materials, making it easy and safe to send work.

Thank You for Visiting,

Please e-mail me with any questions or comments.


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