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Dear Doctor ~  

If you will be using my services, I strongly recommend you purchase and use the Stratos® 100 articulator, made by Ivoclar-Vivadent. I use both the Stratos® 100 and the Stratos® 200 in my laboratory, and find them to be the consummate partners for ease of use, and accurate swapping of both removable & fixed casework. For Office to Laboratory coordination of models, nothing is easier than Ivoclar's magnetic “Adesso-Split” system. Once I have calibrated your articulator to mine, you can rest assured that what you see is what I see. Plus, no more sending articulators back and forth! Only the working models with their magnetic mounts need to be transported, making packaging not only lighter, but less cumbersome. Please read Ivoclar's information (below), and give me a call with any questions or concerns you may have. The cost of the Stratos® 100, with everything you would need, is approximately $550-$600. I know you have spent more for an articulator, and gotten less.

Stratos® 100  

The Stratos 100 is a biofunctional average-value articulator for various, simple dental reconstructions. Its ergonomic design with spacious column construction enables easy and efficient handling. The Stratos 100 is the ideal articulator to set up Ivoclar Vivadent teeth according to the Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) and other ways or set-up.


  • Easy handling
  • Centric locking catch for quick centric fixation
  • Separable upper and lower frame
  • Freely advancing or fix guided joint axis
  • Ergonomic design with ample working space
  • Practice-oriented accessories assortment
  • Compatible with split-cast systems and systems for coordination (Adesso-Split, Quick-Split)
  • 45° incline support

Technical data

Bonwill triangle
Balkwill angle
Protrusion path angle
Retrusion path angle
Centric locking catch


0 - 30°

Patient & Human Being

“If we like someone, this positive emotion is the result of an interplay of various factors. It is not only the personality of a human being that evokes sympathy, but also the aesthetic appearance. We are working in a profession in which true-to-nature aesthetics plays a key role. Exacting patients and their demands place high requirements on our materials and our work.” -- Ivoclar-Williams Vivadent

  © 2004 Steve Geib