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My career in the Dental field began in Uncle Sam’s Navy, back in 1967. My first assignment following boot camp and dental assisting school was aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Oriskany. I spent a year assisting dentists in many procedures, including restorations, periodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery, along with the chores of teeth cleaning plus the taking and developing of x-rays. Then it was off to laboratory school, for 8 months of 8 hours a day, learning all laboratory procedures except porcelain work. After 2 years at NAS Brunswick Maine, I returned to civilian life in 1971, and began my first job in a commercial dental laboratory, waxing crowns.

In 1972, I saw the light, and began my love affair with removable prosthetics, working for a large laboratory in San Bernardino, California. Influenced by an instructor in the Navy, I attended school at night, majoring in Vocational Education, hoping to be able to teach others the skills I had learned. I received my California Community College Instructor Credential in 1974, and was fortunate enough to land a full time position with Riverside Community College’s Dental Technology Program in 1975. In 1976, I opened Advanced Denture Prosthetics in Ontario, Ca. and continued teaching part-time at RCC until moving to Monterey Bay in 1990. I have served on the Boards of Directors for two Dental Laboratory Associations, and was president of one. From 1990 to July of 2003, I managed the removable department at Alta Mesa Dental Laboratory, Inc., a full-service facility located in Seaside, California, where I still live with my lovely wife, Kris Tina Summers, who is head cashier at Hartnell Community College.

I am dedicated to producing as fine an appliance as is possible for each patient, and firmly believe that the right combination of good communication, talent, and technology not only makes it possible to satisfy a patient with esthetic, undetectable appliances, but also adds greatly to the quality of their life. It is my sincere intent to be a valuable asset to your practice, your staff, and your patients. If you enjoy removable work, or would like to, I will do everything I can to make your ‘removable’ practice not only enjoyable, but profitable and growth oriented as well. It’s true, I charge a premium fee for my services, but I guarantee my work*, and I hold nothing back – the technician in me will deliver fine work, the teacher in me will share anything I know in order to assist you and your staff, and the businessman in me will always be honest. If I can be of assistance on one case a year, or one case a day, please give me a call.

*My $-Back Warranty is simple - - If a patient has a New appliance I made for you, and that patient is not, and cannot be made happy, I will refund all Laboratory costs to you, upon the return of the appliance to me.


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